The facilities at McSence offer a cost effective, flexible and comfortable working environment in a friendly community of small businesses. The location near the bypass gives easy access to Edinburgh and the trunk road network while the excellent bus route enables staff to get here with ease. There is plenty of parking for visitors and the onsite facilities are an added bonus. The management team listen to feedback and take action when necessary while trying to balance the needs of all users when implementing changes.

As a new business start up the McSence Business Enterprise Park offered us small premises with lots of support but as we grew McSence were able to offer us adjacent units which we could knock together which gave us the flexibility to expand without having to relocate.

The attraction for me in locating at McSence was the size of the units and the ease of access. As a first step from working at home the unit gave me greater space but with the flexibility of 24 hour access so I could spend the day visiting clients and work in the office evenings and weekends.

When you start a new business there is always a level of uncertainty about how well it will go so the flexibility of a monthly tenancy agreement offered by the landlord gave us comfort that we could retract without having committed to a lengthy lease.

Being in a multi tenanted building was great thanks to the community spirit amongst the other occupiers who acted as an informal self help group who supported each other. I learned so much from the other tenants and have had a number of cross selling opportunities as a result.

Due to the nature and size of our business we were away from the premises for long periods and the security measures at the Park meant we did not have the stress of worrying what might be happening in our absence. We could also have deliveries made to us without actually having to be there which was invaluable.

Having a formal business address and someone to answer the phones for us gave our company the feel to prospective clients that it was professional and bigger than it actually was. Being able to use the Boardroom for meetings also impressed clients and fellow professionals.